This bag is one of two that we debuted this year. We sat down with Mahsa, our awesome designer to learn a bit more about her inspiration and thoughts behind her beautiful COMPOST+ Pono Coffee bag design: "I picked vibrant colors and natural imagery to highlight life cycles and renewal, which are at the heart of composting. The natural elements in the design suggest a harmony with the environment, showing that our product supports a healthier planet." - Mahsa
How is this 2024's Pono Coffee bag sustainable?
  • This bag is made with Savor Brands' COMPOST+ material.
  • COMPOST+ bags are printed using toxin-free and high quality sustainable compostable inks so that you can create beautiful vibrant designs.
  • 100% Certified by BPI and Din Certco.
What is COMPOST+?
  • COMPOST+ is developed by Savor Brands to provide customers with an industrial compostable material alternative for their coffee packaging.
How does the COMPOST+ bag work?
  • Our COMPOST+ bags break down with optimal heat temperatures and must be broken down in a commercial processing facility.
  • This cannot be thrown into the green bin as it is INDUSTRIAL compostable.
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