Achieving complete circularity and creating a sustainable end-of-life solution isn't easy but we've always been up to the challenge. This year we're proud to have announced the debut of our COMPOST+ packaging AND introduce our new R+R® Upcycling Program partner: HydroBlox. Here's some frequently asked questions regarding COMPOST+ and R+R® Program:
What is COMPOST+?
  • COMPOST+ is an industrial compostable material that was developed by Savor Brands.
Why industrial compostable?
  • We opted for an industrial compostable material to provide all our partners a sustainable option in the meantime as we work towards fully home compostable packaging.
  • For transparency, we fully certified our COMPOST+ material with Din Certco and BPI.
Why can't I throw the COMPOST+ bag into my green bin?
  • Industrial compostable packaging must be broken down in a commercial processing facility.
  • COMPOST+ breaks down at optimal heat temperatures that can only be produced at these facilities.
Savor Brands COMPOST+ Coffee Packaging.

COMPOST+: Savor Brands industrial compostable coffee packaging.

What's accessories are included in my COMPOST+ Bags and Packaging?
  • With our COMPOST+ Packaging, you're able to have both a zipper closure AND a degassing valve.
  • You do not need to cut off either accessory as they are both industrial compostable
What type of inks are used for COMPOST+?
  • We use high quality sustainable compostable ink so you can enjoy vibrant color that are also free from toxins!
Digital Printed COMPOST+ Coffee Bag.

Digital Printed COMPOST+ Coffee Bag.

What is COMPOST+ made of?
  • Premium Paper (White)
  • Metallized Biaxially Oriented Polylactic Acid (PLA) Film
  • Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT) and PLA Compound Film
  • Industrial Compostable Adhesive
Does the COMPOST+ packaging have a barrier layer?
  • Yes, we have a certified barrier focused material to safeguard your coffee.
What is the shelf life of COMPOST+ packaging?
  • Our goal is to keep products packaged in COMPOST+ as fresh as possible and we recommend the following shelf life:
  • 3-4 months for roasted coffee.
  • Up to 6 months for snacks.
Please check with your local facilities or government regarding their ability to process industrial compostable material.
Rotogravure Printed COMPOST+ Coffee Bag.

Rotogravure Printed COMPOST+ Coffee Bag.

Are there any sustainable options available with aluminum or metalized coffee packaging?
  • Yes for all our U.S. based partners, we are able to offer a transparent end-of-life solution to your metalized coffee packaging through our award winning R+R® Upcycling Program.
  • The R+R® Program won the 2021 SCA Best Product Award for its Open Class category.
Who's available to participate in the R+R® Upcycling Program?
  • The R+R® Program is exclusively offered to our U.S. Savor Brands partners.
What does my coffee packaging get upcycled to?
Savor Brands' Award Winning R+R® Upcycling Program.

Savor Brands' Award Winning R+R® Upcycling Program.

Starting your journey on a more sustainable path doesn't have to be difficult, we're here to make it easy. Got questions? Let us know!

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