As of July 1, 2024, all Hawaii branded coffee products will have new labeling requirements. Due to The Hawaiian Coffee Labeling Act 211, this will require all coffee products to include the disclosure of the following:
  • Location where the coffee was grown
  • Indication of weight by percentage of locally grown coffee and coffee grown elsewhere
This law specifies that all coffee products claiming to be 100% Hawaiian in labeling or advertising will need to be grown and processed in Hawaii in order to be labeled as such. For the immediate future, the enforcement of this law may rely on complaint-driven enforcement. To learn more about the new requirements, check out the State of Hawaii's Department of Agriculture. Hawai'i Coffee Growing Regions:
  • Hawai‘i Island (Big Island)
- Hamakua - Ka‘ū - Kona - Hawai‘i (Puna)
  • Maui
  • Molokai‘i
  • O‘ahu
  • Kaua‘i

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