During quarter one of this year, our team debuted the COMPOST+ line. This line was developed as a sustainable coffee bag option to the typical foil lined coffee bag.
About COMPOST+: Our COMPOST+ line was developed to provide our customer's with more sustainable options outside of our R+R® Upcycling Program. COMPOST+ is an INDUSTRIAL compostable material. Our goal with COMPOST+ is to always keep products as fresh as possible. **Please check with your local facilities or government on their ability to process industrial compostable material as it varies from state to state. COMPOST+ Shelf Life:
  • The shelf life for roasted coffee is 3-4 months
  • Snack shelf life can be up to 6 months
Did you know? Our COMPOST+ packaging has a certified barrier to better protect your coffee! What's the cost of COMPOST+?
  • We take into consideration your chosen net weight and bag style when determining cost.
  • Reach out to our team to get your own custom tailored COMPOST+ quote!

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