What is an E-Wallet? E-Wallets allow your customers to preload funds, providing you with up front cash flow. Through the E-Wallet feature, you no longer need to worry about revenue generation during lulls in foot traffic due to seasonality, weather or time of day, week, or month. Upfront revenue allows for better financial planning for your business. How does E-Wallet help my business? Frequent, low-value coffee purchases often rack up large sums of transaction fees over time. E-Wallet helps eliminate a significant number of these fees by putting more money directly in your pocket. The savings generated from utilizing the E-Wallet can be reinvested in expanding your offerings and business. Is E-Wallet secure? Our E-Wallet feature is seamlessly integrated with our secure payments platform, powered by Elavon, a trusted leader in payment processing. Industry-leading security measures ensure your customers' financial information is always protected. For businesses, the E-Wallet is more than just a payment option for customers, it is a strategic tool for business owners. Boost your upfront revenue through immediate access to preloaded funds and reduce your business transaction fee costs. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo with our Savor Live team today!

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