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Coffee packaging requires an aluminum barrier to properly protect the coffee and is difficult to recycle given that the thin layer of aluminum is adhered onto polyester film. However, through our partnership with TerraCycle, Savor Brands has found a quick and easy way for you and your customers to recycle used coffee bags.

It’s this simple:

  1. When ordering your coffee packaging, simply let us know if you would like a Zero Waste Box™ that you and your customers fill with empty coffee bags. The box is conveniently sized so that it can easily fit in your roastery or café, or anyplace you are retailing your coffee bags.
  2. Once the box is filled, simply adhere the provided prepaid shipping label and send the filled box to TerraCycle for processing. The waste is collected, shredded, pelletized, and made into materials such as garbage bins and watering cans. 100% of the collected bags are recycled—not landfilled or incinerated.

Note: One Zero Waste Box™ is allotted per 10,000 bags. This program is currently available to those located in the US.

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