What is COMPOST+? COMPOST+ is a sustainable and fully certified coffee and food bag material that was developed by Savor Brands. It most recently made its debut at the 2024 Chicago SCA Expo.
  • COMPOST+ is an industrial compostable material
What does industrial compostable mean? Industrial compostable packaging needs to be broken down at a commercial facility. This type of packaging requires optimal heat conditions in order for it to break down. Certifications: COMPOST+ is a 100% certified industrial compostable material by:
  • BPI
  • Din Certco.
Our certifications are for the fully assembled bag with all the layers joined together. Sustainability and the future is always top of mind at Savor Brands and we chose to go through the lengthy certification process so that all our partners and their customers have piece of mind that this is a truly sustainable product. Did you know? More often than not, certifications for just the individual materials or layers may not apply when the bag is fully formed due to the new structural make up when the materials are joined together. Want to know more on how to incorporate the COMPOST+ material in your coffee or food packaging? Reach out to the Savor Brands team today!

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