2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship ~ Congratulations Taufan Mokoginta on this well deserved victory!

What is the World Coffee Roaster Competition and What are they looking for in a Roasting Champion?

The World Coffee Roasting Championship debuted in Nice, France in 2013. Since then, this annual international competition has been hosted in other countries such as Italy, Sweden, China, and Taiwan. Competitors go through an intense 4-day, 3-stage event and can be broken down into the following
  • Evaluation of the quality of green coffee (coffee grading).
  • Roast profile development that best brings out the characteristics and flavors of the competition coffee.
  • Ultimate cup quality of the coffees roasted.
With over twenty of the world’s top roasters competing this year, you can expect an intense four-day competition as they will be competing head-to-head to roast and develop the ultimate cup of coffee. The judges are looking for a champion who:
  • Demonstrates the ability to evaluate green and roasted coffee.
  • Demonstrates the ability to use and master roasting equipment.
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop and roast to meet the planned taste.
  • Describes accurately the final roasted product as defined in their Roast Plan.
  • Produces the best quality roast with the coffee provided.
The World Coffee Roasting Championship provides a global platform for coffee excellence, education, and networking. This year in Taiwan, the roasting competition is taking place during the Taiwan International Coffee Show. Take the opportunity to explore the different booths and meet with coffee professionals from across the globe!

Interview with Felix Teiretzbacher:

How has becoming the 2022 World Coffee Roasting Champion changed your life?
My life got busier! Haha. Well I got new opportunities I would not have dreamed of before. I travelled a lot and met coffee professionals and producers form all over the world. I visited farms and was able to see the coffee scene in different countries. And I made new friends! That was amazing. My roastery got more international orders. This was great and challenging too. For example how much coffee should I buy, or how to get better conditions for shipping to so many different countries. We did a rebranding too this year, so yes, I guess busy is a good word for answering this question.
How have you grown as a coffee professional since becoming the World Coffee Roasting Champion?
Yes, I have! Due to these new opportunities I learned more about different perspectives on coffee and worked on more different roasting styles too as the market for machines is changing a bit too. I also found out that I didn’t know enough about brewing so I focused more on brewing techniques this year and learned a lot! Wow Felix! Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview and for sharing your experience since becoming the 2022 World Coffee Roasting Champion!
Future World Coffee Roasting Championship:
2024 World Coffee Roasting Championship will be held at Bella Center Copenhagen, June 27 to 29, 2024
How to Sign Up for the 2024 U.S. Coffee Roasting Championship:
To participate in the World Coffee Roasting Championship, you must first compete and win the U.S Coffee Roasting Championship! Click here to sign up! Current 2023 U.S. Coffee Roasting Champion – Andrew Coe (OR) Not Based in the U.S.? Click here to check out other World Coffee Event licensed competition bodies in your area. Coffee Director and Q-Grader, Marc Marquez interviews 2023 US Roasting Champion, Andrew Coe
WCC Taipei Banner with Photos of 2022 Roasting Champ Felix Teiretzbacher

2024 World Coffee Roasting Championship Rules and Regulations:

  • Every competition year, 1 competitor from each WCE (World Coffee Events) Licensed Competition Body may participate.
  • Click here to learn more about how to become a WCE Licensed Competition Body.
  • Competitors must be at least 18 years of age at the time of competing in any World Coffee Events (WCE) sanctioned events.
  • Competitors must hold a valid passport from the place they represent or provide documentation substantiating 24 months of residency, employment or scholastic enrollment, some portion of which must have been within 12 months preceding the qualifying competition body competition.
  • Competitors may only participate for one sanctioned competition body per WCE competition year.
The Competition: The championship is comprised of 1 round and will have these components:
  • Pre-Roasting – lab practice, green evaluation, sample roasting, open cupping, and roast plan.
  • Production Roasting
  • Production Roast Evaluation
Roasted Coffee Submission:
  • The roasted coffee product will be submitted by the competitor as their final product to be evaluated by judges.
  • The roasted coffee submission should be a total of 2 products: one Single Origin and one Blend Coffee.
  • Competitors will be evaluated only on work associated with coffee(s) included in the roasted coffee submission, and no other work.
  • The roasted coffee submission must weigh a minimum of 1.5kg each, presented in the packaging supplied for this purpos.
Roast Plan:
  • Competitors will submit a Roast Plan for each production roast.
  • Competitors should clearly describe the weight loss, temperature, color reading of their roasted coffee, and provide a description of sensory results of the production roast by completing a descriptive assessment form from the SCA’s Coffee Value Assessment (CVA).
Competition Procedure / Roasting Stage Area:
  • During competition time, non-competitors should not give assistance or input to competitors or interfere in any way with the competitors, judges, stage manager or the competition procedure. Failure to comply with this may lead to disqualification of the competitor.
  • Officials will warm up roasting machines for a period of 30 minutes before the first competitor is to begin roasting.
  • The machines will be returned to the same warm-up temperature before the next competitor competes.
  • Competitors may be given 5 minutes of preparation time to adjust their own warm-up temperature before their sample roasting time begins.
  • All green coffee will be given to competitors by the stage manager or technical officials right before each activity starts.
  • No coffee may leave the venue from the beginning of the competition until the competition ends under penalty of disqualification.
  • All coffees will be collected by officials immediately after each activity).
  • Competitors are allowed to take some of their sample roast or practice roast coffees to the open cupping area.
  • Competitors will be allowed to collect their roasted coffee after the awards ceremony.
  • The roasted sample, practice, and production coffee may be brewed at the WCRC bar to serve the audience during the even with non-disclosure of competitor information.
Competitor’s Total Score: The competitors total score will be calculated by adding the Roast Plan scoresheet total(s) to the Production Cupping scores from each sensory judge, and then subtracting any penalties Tie Scores:
  • If there is a tie between 2 or more competitors, the competitor with the higher total Single Origin Production Cupping score will be ranked higher.
  • If there is still a tie between 2 or more competitors, the competitor with the higher total Blend Production Cupping score will be ranked higher.
  • If there is still a tie the competitor with the higher Single Origin Roast Plan Scoresheet will be ranked higher.
  • Following the competition, competitors will have an opportunity to review their scoresheets with the judges by the schedule announced by the event organizer, this may be in person or online.
  • Competitors will not be allowed to keep their original scoresheets before the WCE event manager scans the copy of the scoresheets.
Updates to this year’s competition: This year’s judges will be utilizing the new SCA Coffee Value Assessment score sheets. Click here to download and access the full World Coffee Roasting Championship Rules and Regulations
Previous World Coffee Roasting Champions:
2022 World of Coffee Milan
The World Coffee Roasting Championship is a must-attend event for all coffee professionals from baristas, roasters, and even just coffee lovers! There’s no better event to meet and network with others that are just as passionate and love coffee as you do. An awesome thing about this year’s championship is that it’s not limited to in-person attendance! The whole event will be available for online streaming. This year’s World Coffee Roasting Championship won’t be one to miss!

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