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Taipei World Coffee Roasting Championship WINNER Announcement

November 19, 2023

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WCC Winner
World Coffee Roasting Championship Winner
Taipei WCC Winner

Congratulations Taufan Mokoginta on this well deserved victory!

We're thrilled to announce the winner of the 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship!

Taufan Mokoginta is from Indonesia and is the founder of Ultra Coffee Indonesia.

1st place is INDONESIA (Taufan Mokoginta)

> Taufan Mokoginta is from Indonesia and is the founder of Ultra Coffee Indonesia. He has been competing for 3 years and has competed once for Barista and twice for the Roasters (2022 & 2023).

2nd place TURKEY (Talha Erdinc Bas)

> Talha Erdinc Bas is from Turkey and is the roaster for Khaldi Coffee. he has been working in coffee for the last 9 years and has previously competed in the Roasting Competition as well as Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup. He has had several second and third places at nationals.

3rd place USA (Andrew Coe)

> Andrew Coe is from the United States and is the owner, head roaster, and green coffee buyer for Elevator Coffee in Portland, OR. This was his second time competing in a roasting competition. He is a competitive person and enjoys all aspects of competition and learns more about roasting and coffee in general every time he competes.

4th place JAPAN (Yoshiyuki Nakamura)

> Yoshiyuki Nakamura is from Japan and is the roaster for Mamepolepole in Okinawa prefecture.
> Alek Smet is from Poland and roasts for Lacawa in Warsaw. He has been competing for more or less 6 years and this was his first time in the roasting competition.
> Andre Kirberg is from Germany and is the founder of Seekind Coffee. This was his second time competing at WCRC.
> Artem Kryuchenkov is from Australia and roasts from Bench Coffee Co. in Melbourne, Australia. He loves working with coffee as it is a really fun product to work with and is great for brightening someone's day.
> Ashton Huang is from Taiwan and roasts for Ritrovare Coffee. He has been competing for 7 years and loves participating in competitions as he's focused in roasting good coffee and making people happy.
> Choi Jeongju is from South Korea and runs a cafe named Yourhome Coffee Roasters. He began competing in roasting competitions to promote his cafe.
> Diana Johnston is from Ledezma, United Kingdom and is Co-Founder of Sense it London. Her coffee journey began when she was visiting her grandfather who was working on the coffee farms in Mexico.
> Diao Chenglei is from China and is the roaster for Beijing Little Bean Coffee Laboratory. He began competing in 2017.
> Ignat Turenko is from the Ukraine and is the roaster and owner of Perea Family Roasters. He has been roasting coffee since 2019 and runs five coffee shops. Since the war, he has dedicated his free time to volunteering with the Save Animal Ukraine organization
> Josef Holub is from the Czech Republic and roasts for Doubleshot Roastery. This is his first ever WCRC and he loves competing for experience and entertainment.
> Lukas Stolner is from Austria and is the CEO of Kaffee Campus Krems in the City Centre of Krems and is home of the roastery DeLuks Kaffee. He was born into the coffee industry as his father worked in sales of a coffee machine producer. He has competed in Austria's roasting championships in 2019, 2022, and 2023.
> Mattheus Narcizo is from Brazil and is the roaster for Expoaccer. This is his first year of competition. He is the third generation of coffee roasters in his family but the first to work in specialty coffee. He began as an apprentice when he was 15 years old
> Mikel Duynisveld is from Norway and is the owner of a one man coffee roasting company: Romerike Kaffebrenneri. He finds that competing is the best way to learn, share, and get to know colleagues in the industry.
> Paul Arnephy is from France and is an indepedent competitor. Lately he has been concentrating on education and consulting.
> Razvan Oniga is from Romania and is the roaster for Olivo Coffee Culture. He previously competed in the 2019 at Romania's National Roasting Championship. He loved the vibe and thrill of competition and since then he decided to take the opportunity to learn as much as possible from each competition.
> Roberto Breno is from Italy and is the roaster for Bugan Coffee Lab. He had the chance to roast coffee for the 2020 Barista, Brewers and Coffee in Good Spirits competitions and got into roasting.
> Taiyang Liu is from China and is the roaster of Pincle Coffee. He has been participating in competitions for 3 years and working in coffee for 8 years.
> Uriel Oropeza is from Mexico and is the head roaster for Pólvora FCE. His coffee journey started in 2015 as a barista. He competed for the first time in the national roasting competition in 2021.
> Varangkana Changsirikulchai is from Thailand is the roaster for NiP Coffee. She won the 2023 National Thailand Coffee Roasting Championship and will never stop developing her roasting skills and tries to practice often.

All of the Taipei 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship Winners

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the competitors, judges, volunteers, and attendees that made this event a success. The 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship has been a great celebration of talent and innovation in coffee. We hope to see you all again next year at Copenhagen! Until then, keep on roasting!

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